We have been asking all of you to consider making a financial contribution to Nippur Retreat. Would you like to know where your money goes when you give to Nippur Retreat? It might go to finishing the bath house, fixing up a tiny house for single mother and her child, adding things like an outdoor kitchen for our gatherings and sometimes it goes to toilet paper! Check out this little montage showing a community in action!

Now if I’ve convinced you to give, here are a few ways

  • Get registered and start bidding on amazing offers on our silent auction https://app.galabid.com/nippurauction/register
  • Check out the events on the right hand panel, get registered for Ostara and Summer Solstice, it’s required. You can choose your donation amount at check in on day of the event.
  • Get registered and buy your tickets for Beltane and Abundance before they go up on January 1st

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