Ostara Family Gathering 2022 Event Schedule

Friday March 18th
4:20p   Check In begins
6:00p   Dinner available
8:00p   Story of Innana’s Return around fire  w/dancing, drumming, frolicking til dawn

Saturday March 19th
6:45a    Greet the Dawn Ritual w/Ostara Egg Ritual followed by tea in         Lilith’s Garden
9:00a    Breakfast available
10:30a   Fertility workshop w/Mandy Fae in Fairy Grotto Den
10:00a   Crafts in Art Tent all day til 6:00p
12:00p   Lunch available
1:00p     Ostara craft in Art Tent
2:00p     Drumming/Trance workshop w/Papillion on stage
3:00p     Yoga w/Amelia in Lilith’s Garden
4:00p     Get Happy Happy Hour in Fairy Grotto
4:30p      Face painting by Frost in Art Tent til 6:30p
6:00p      Dinner available
8:00p      Ritual w/song by Bluebell around fire w/drumming, dancing and more

Sunday March 20th
9:00a      Breakfast available
10:00a     Crafts in Art Tent til 4:00p
4:20p      Goodbyes and hugs w/group photo and giant human Cinnamon Roll      

Preregistration is required for this exclusive, private event. Get registered today!

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