New look to the website

Nippur Retreat has a new and improved website! there are still some cosmetic changes and fun stuff i want to add, but it’s totally functional. This has been a very challenging project but worth it all! I feel like it really represents what Nippur is about. (there’s backgrounds covered in vaginas!!!)
I hope you all love it like I do, please send any feedback. I want it to be the best it can be.
I need a few things from you.
1. like/follow Nippur Retreat facebook page,
2. invite your friends to do the same
3. share this website with everyone and get them to subscribe to the newsletter.
4. come to the Full moon boom drum circle on dec. 7th. you can find the info on facebook,
Thank you beautiful people for all your love and support. big things are brewing here and i can’t wait to see it manifest!

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